Warranty Policy

eské products are built to last. We don’t just say it, we back it by offering lifetime warranty on every one of our products for manufacturing defects. Every material used – from the tiniest of hardware’s to the zippers to the thread, are sourced from world renowned factories that only cater to luxury brands. The latest and most advanced machinery is installed at our factory, complimented with the most rigorous quality control, to ensure that every product made is of the highest quality standard.

To avail of our lifetime warranty, you need to simply visit us at any one of our boutiques, or call us on our registered mobile number and we will guide you on the next steps. All manufacturing defects will be repaired in a minimum of 21 days to a maximum of 60 days from the date of receipt. If for any reason a repair isn’t possible, we will provide you with an alternate solution.

Please note that the lifetime warranty covers manufacturing defects and does not include leather. It is important to understand your leather and for a better understanding refer to ‘Our Materials’