A melting pot of culture, India has seen a surge in expatriates. Masters in their respective fields, their presence has further enriched the country’s diversity. CULT got together with three such individuals who moved to India and spoke about how they adapted their wardrobes to better suit their new home.

Diva Dhawan | Actress & Model



“Coming from New York, I am used to different seasons. In winters, I could layer more, experiment more. I love nice coats, but gave a lot of that up after moving to India. My sense of dressing has become quite basic and minimal. I now pay increased attention to what fabric I wear – exploring the world of cotton and linen. Black has always been a go-to colour, but I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable wearing white. My daily staples include basic blue high waist jeans with a loose t-shirt or a button down. I’m very specific about my accessories – usually going for a gold necklace and both hoops and studs, since I have a double piercing. Pair it with Gucci loafers and the Eské Delilah wallet, and you have my complete look.”


Pablo Naranjo Agular | Chef at Le 15 Cafe



“My outfits have always been pretty basic. I always go for a solid coloured shirt and jeans, in and out of the kitchen. Although I do experiment with my shirts, going for pastel shades or prints at times. But that’s how far it goes. Not a lot has changed after I moved to India, except I don’t get to wear jackets often – not even in winters. The fabrics I chose have become lighter since it’s absolutely essential for me to stay comfortable while I’m working in the kitchen. I get my shoes made from a small store in Colaba. They’re hand woven and really comfortable. As for my bag, it has to be the Eské Lucas laptop bag. It is very elementary, yet versatile. Just like my style.”


Hanna Stromgren | Founder of WAC India



“I moved to Bombay about five years back, and since then I’ve worked across corporates, startups, and now, independently as an entrepreneur. In these different work environments, it’s always been important to me to be able to wear clothes I would wear outside the office too – there’s nothing more boring than work-life balance, and I mostly enjoy outfits that I can wear to a board meeting, at a dinner date, as well as during a night out with friends.

One thing that I’ve really had to adjust in my wardrobe since I moved to Bombay, is going from skinny jeans to baggier and loose pants, and from tight tops to casual fit shirts. A slightly more conservative office culture is one of the reasons – not dealing well with heat and humidity is another. My days are usually long in between meetings, office, my blog and events with WAC, and I rarely take my shoes off from early morning until late night. Comfort is, therefore, the number one keep-in-mind factor for me every day when I get dressed – whatever I choose to put on for the day, needs to be comfy enough to wear until bedtime. This is the main reason I only own about three good pairs of heels! When it comes to my bags – I love backpacks. The Eské Eriene backpack would be my go-to for any day. Just like my shoes, my bag needs to be convenient and practical. And of course, cool.