Doesn’t it feel horrible to have spent money on items initially thought to be very useful? To prevent you from going down this road again, we have compiled a foolproof list of splurge-worthy must haves just for you.

10. Cartier Diamond Studs

A pair of iconic princess-cut diamond studs elevates your elegance. An item that is both versatile as well as sophisticated, making them must-haves for your collection.

Diamond studs - Investment pieces - elegant - princess cut

Its rightly said, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. A pair of elegant diamond studs adds a touch of royalty to your regular outfit.

 9. Saint Laurent Leather Jacket

Leather jackets represent individuality and have the ability to bring out its bearers rebellious side. Investing in a well-made leather jacket is an essential addition for they feel like a second skin and will last over a lifetime. Leather jackets seem to possess the ability to bring back a badass, bygone era.

A sturdy Saint Laurent leather jacket is worth the money as it keeps you keep and makes you look chic too

8. Miss Selfridge Little Black Dress

When listing staples, it would be criminal to love out the most important kind of dress. A little black dress has the ability to transform from event to event, it’s just a matter of accessorising right. Pearls make you look classy instantly, while boots and shades paired with your LBD exhibit a more casual, rugged look. Find the perfect fitting one and we assure an emotional bond with your very own LBD.

Little black dress - classic - sexy - chic - Investment pieces - Miss Selfridge

One is never over-dressed or underdressed in a little black dress.

7. Christian Louboutin Black Pumps

If you haven’t already, it’s time to go nude! The higher the pumps, the more confidence it instils.  While perfect for semi-casual occasions, pumps double up as sexy evening heels too. Investing in pumps is a no-brainer!

Black pumps - classic - Christian Louboutin - heels - Investment pieces

Enjoy the world at your feet with the right black leather pumps.

6. Martin Grant Slim Tailored Trousers

Well tailored pants talk business while ensuring you never doubt your outfit, leaving you feeling collected and in control.

Martin Grant - well-tailored pants - trousers - Investment pieces

To bring the boss woman out of you just get into a pair of well-tailored pants and run the world.

5. Versace Blazer

It’s versatility endless, there is no doubt that a beautifully tailored blazer is an enduring wardrobe essential. Regardless of your age, a blazer can be worn at any time of the day or night. You could never go wrong with a classic blazer. Pair it with a shirt on formal occasions to add sharpness to your outfit or a solid basic tee when indulging in a more casual affair.

Versace - classic blazer - black - tailored - Investment pieces

You could never go wrong with a classic Versace blazer.

4. Topshop Classic Pair Of Denims

Jeans used to communicate unity with the working class. Affordable and versatile, jeans have practical advantages as well as they don’t need to be ironed or washed as frequently as pants. While it may be difficult to find the perfect pair of jeans, the right pair will feel nothing short of a match made in heaven.

Classic - denims - jeans - Topshop - Investment pieces

A perfect pair of denim gives you the comfort of being in your second skin.

3. Kate Spade Gold Watch

Any item inspired by the military has a functional use. Wristwatches included. More than just a timekeeper, wrist watches are a symbol of tradition and history encased in a showpiece exhibiting extreme craftsmanship. This one is, in its most literal sense, a timeless investment! Over time, it might just become your most prized possession and as the famous quote goes: You never actually own a watch, you merely look after it for the next generation.

Kate Spade - gold - watch - timeless - classic - Investment pieces

A timeless investment – Kate Spade gold watch

2. Gucci Leather Belt

Belts are not only good accessories but help break your outfit into sections. Whether you want to create a fashion statement or add that little extra to a plain outfit, a belt alone can suffice, as it adds a well-put finishing touch to your outfit! A thin, tan dress belt with a shiny buckle being our absolute favourite!

Gucci - belt - designer - leather - Investment pieces

A designer Gucci belt adds the right kind of panache to any regular outfit

1. Eské Sophie Tote

A classic black leather tote is an irreplaceable asset in your wardrobe. The Eské Sophie, an intricately crafted, highly spacious quilted tote makes for the perfect carryall that encapsulates all your necessities. A style statement in itself, your handbag speaks volumes about you.

Eské Sophie Tote - leather - quilted - luxury - classic - Investment pieces

Handbags speak louder than words. The Eské Sophie Tote, an intricately crafted, highly spacious quilted tote to carry all your neccesities.