As you step onto your sail, the sea breeze softly kisses you. With the familiar sight of gulls in the sky, there are but a few feelings that bring about as much elation as that achieved from being the master of your own boat.

Both a sport and a leisure activity, sailing brings about peace of mind as you disconnect from your regular surroundings and take to the seas.

While either a captain or an acquaintance mans the sail, there are endless possibilities as to how you spend your time onboard. Flip through pages of your current novel with the sound of the sea gracing your ears. A great opportunity to unwind, coupled with an indulgent meal paired with a glass of red, end on a high note as you watch the sunset whilst pulling into the harbour. Your experience can be further elevated when dressing with both style and comfort. Our lookbooks help achieve the same:

Sailing - look - Eské - Paloma Satchel Bag - Leather

Sailing makes for the perfect summer hobby! Take advantage of the summer breeze as you set sail feeling comfortable with our look.

Sailing - look - Eské - Fonda sling bag - Leather

Don’t worry about your sailing outfit this summer as you navigate through ever-changing tides. Dress sharp as you take on the sea with our sailing look curated just for you!

As for those who prefer manning the ropes and steering the sail, the practice of sailing brings about a level of awareness and sharpness, otherwise unattainable. It is important to dress functionally to ensure your safety. What if we told you you could look stylish, feel as comfortable as one can while simultaneously making sure your outfit doesn’t hinder with your sailing experience?

Sailing - look - Eské - Lewis Money Clip

Summer has arrived! What better way to celebrate the sun than a sailing adventure? Make sure to stay stylish as well as functional as you go out to sea with our carefully curated look.

Now that the summer breeze has filled your sail with life, grace the sea as you’re carried forward, adjusting the tension of the sheets while your rudder is steered toward your destination.