Are your seasonal outfits becoming too cliche and repetitive? It’s time to mismatch and shake things up as you enjoy this season a little differently this time around. How you ask?

We compiled a list of accessories and wardrobe changes that help you embrace a whole new look this Spring:


10. Bandanas  

Add a zing to your casual outfit as you spice things up with a red bandana paired with the hottest shade of red lipstick you own.

Bandana - wrap up - Spring breakers - Eské

The stylish wrap up for your hair this season

9. Socks and Sandals  

A trend that will never go out of style – mix and match colours and patterns as you pair socks with comfortable sandals.

Socks and sandals - runway - trend - Spring breakers - Eské

An unconventional trend ruling the ramps – socks and sandals

8. Smudged Winged Eyeliner

Instead of going for a ready to cut eyeliner look, switch to a smudged winged eyeliner this summer. Either in shades of brown or black, the subtle liner holds the power to create an alluring look all by itself.

Spring breakers - smoky eyes - smudged eyeliner -  Eské

Move over the cliched smoky eyes instead try a smudged eyeliner look this summer

7. Fringe dresses

Give yourself that sultry edge as you brave fringe dressing this summer. A style made popular in the 1920’s, fringe dresses are still relevant even today!

Fringe - dresses - Spring breakers - 1920s - Eské

Fringe dresses are reigning since the 1920’s and stand strong even in 2018

6. Matrix sunglasses

Ditch basic oversized sunglasses this summer as you adopt a futuristic-matrix inspired look with a pair of narrow lens sunglasses, a trend first observed at the Paris fashion week.

Matrix - sunglasses - Cat eyed  - Spring breakers - Eské

Oversized sunglasses are a thing of the past. The Spring of 2018 is all about cat eyed or matrix sunglasses

5. Bright Coloured Suits

Welcome summer in style as you give your wardrobe a breath of fresh air with vibrant coloured suits. For those that seem sceptical can start out with colourful ties before investing in a solid coloured suit.

Bright coloured suits  - Spring breakers - Eské

Spring of 2018 is all about adding a pop of colour to your outfits. Bright coloured suits look dapper this season

4. Checkered gender neutral pants

These Gender neutral Checkered pants can be paired with a solid coloured turtleneck and a pair of high heeled boots.

Gender neutral dressing - Checkered pants - Spring beakers -  Eské

Gender neutral dressing is a trend this season with checkered pants ruling as a fashion piece in this space

3. Summer Coats

You’ll be surprised to find out how easily coats can be paired and complement almost any summer outfit.

Summer coat - outwear - Spring breakers -  Eské

Who said coats are just for the winters, Summer coats also known as summer outwear look chic with a strapped crop top

2. Balenciaga Triple S Trainers

As athleisure surges in popularity, tracksuits and sweatpants become more wearable streetwear. Sharpen your look with a pair of Balenciaga kicks as you embrace comfort and style all at once.

Balenciaga sneakers- Athleisure - Spring breakers - Eské

The comfortable and stylish Balenciaga sneakers are a must have this season

1. Eské Sophie Tote

Sophie Tote is created using the highest quality leather by our craftsmen who ensure a level of intricacy unattainable by most. An unconventional, yet perfect accessory for this season

Spring breakers - Eské - Sophie Tote - Quilted

Our unconventional bag from the SS’18 collection, the Sophie tote a perfect accessory for the summer