Singapore capitalises on its rich mix of cultures as it races to the top of one of Asia’s most sought after destinations. Once a concrete jungle, Singapore through its immaculate planning is slowly yet surely leaning towards green skyscrapers that look lesser like business hubs and rather living ecosystems. A nation that looks to be adhering to its “City in a Garden” dream, Singapore is tirelessly working toward a more sustainable future. Termed the ‘lungs of Singapore’, it’s UNESCO listed world heritage site, the Botanical gardens of Singapore are a must visit among its various other attractions.

Getting around a city so well planned can take but a matter of minutes. Deemed home to one of the world’s most efficient public transport systems, getting around the city is only getting easier. You can start your day with a visit to the temples in Chinatown and indulge in some curry for lunch all the way in little India post a shopping spree at Marina bay all thanks to their efficient MRT system.

Singapore - Garden by the bay - cloud forest dome - architecture

The interiors of Cloud Forest Dome – Garden by the Bay, Singapore

Singapore is a place where food makes up a key part of their culture. Die, die, must try is Singaporean slang for ‘to die for’ and perfectly encapsulates the cities food scene from hawker carts to Michelin dining.

A rich heritage paired with a mix of cultures, Singaporean cuisine brings out the best of Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian influences. Here are 3 dishes you must gift your palate with:

  • Bak Kut Teh which translates to Meat bone tea or Pork rib soup. Legend has it that Bak Kut Teh came about as a tonic consumed to reinvigorate coolies that worked at the Clark Quey. A humble dish that has been around since the very start, Bak Kut Teh stays relevant even today with its use of mild herbs such as Star Anise and pork rib.
  • Wanton Mee is a Singaporean delicacy influenced by Hong Kong. A wanton noodle soup that is also eaten dry with sweet sauces. The wantons are either deep fried or come as soup dumplings.
  • Fried Carrot Cake may sound like an American delicacy but this dish is far from what you picture. Made with eggs, chai poh and white radish flour which resembles a ‘white carrot’ hence the name.
Singaporean - traditional - chicken - satay - Singapore - food

The traditional Singaporean chicken satay

Besides the plethora of food and attractions offered by Singapore, it is also known for its multiculturalism. Singaporean fashion, just like its city is an amalgamation of both traditional and modern designs that both very comfortable and stylish to wear.

A city that doesn’t have any distinct seasons due to its geographic location at the equator, the weather tends to be hot and sunny all year round. A small portable umbrella that you can carry in your Eské Sophie Boston bag is an essential as Singapore is famous for its spontaneous unpredictable thunderstorms. Loose and comfortable clothing, tunics being favorites for tourists as they not only protect your skin from the sun but also help keep your body cool.

Denim shorts paired with tee’s or tank tops or blouses are a pairing that most adhere to.  Comfortable footwear is a Singaporean essential for those exploring the city. ORSQ is a contemporary Singaporean shoe label that focuses on the latest sneaker trends and is highly sought after in Singapore.  A pair of shades and sunscreen are important additions along with a bottle of water to stay hydrated as you explore deeper into one of Asia’s if not the world’s most fascinating cities.

Singapore - street - style - fashion

The street style fashion of Singapore – one of the most fashion forward cities in the wrold