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Eské - Dusty City Handbag

Eské Dusty City Handbag

Zara walks into the lecture hall at exactly 8:10 am, not a minute later than its scheduled time. The sweet undertone of lilies in her perfume following her, the students sit upright as she places her Dusty zip bag on top of the table and pulls out her copy of the strategic management textbook.

Dressed in grey solid pants and a pink mid length top, she had been invited as a guest lecturer at the University of Glasgow. Taking some time out of her job as a senior operations manager at Barclays to teach at her alma mater, helping guide and prepare them for what the future held. Zara was pleased by how optimistic and inquisitive the current generation was, often pondering excitedly on how the fate of the economy would soon be in their hands. Not wasting another moment, she dives into the chapter explaining how organisational structures are built. With the students hanging off every syllable uttered, it was clear there was no student who wasn’t paying attention. Choosing to keep her examples and case studies as interactive as possible, she ensured the students could relate to every point she made. Taking to the enormous chalkboard provided to explain a point, she underlined the final sentence she wrote.

Clapping her hands as she reached into her Dusty for a hair tie, she couldn’t help but smile as she faced a class engrossed as could be noting down every word she wrote.

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