Beth Square Bag / Nicole’s Derby Day

Eské - Beth Square Bag

Eské Beth Square Bag

Her sunglasses and pink fascinator ensuring she remained shielded from the English sun, Nicole made her way toward her seat. Her Beth square bag hung across her arm, as she seated herself at the Windsor enclosure.

It was derby day at the Ascot racecourse and Nicole had her money on a horse named Kaira. A surge in energy was felt across the stands as the gates opened and out galloped the racehorses. On her feet cheering her horse forward, she waved her ticket in the air. A concoction of nerve and excitement seemed to take over her as the horses drew closer to the finish line. She couldn’t believe it but her horse won. Her first ever derby win! Flushed with excitement, she called her mother expressing her joy and how she had won her first derby. Nicole had loved horses her whole life and having grown up on a farm, she reminisced her childhood.

Now the CEO of a successful startup, she loved the city life but did miss her childhood on her family farm. Lighting a cigarette, she made her way toward the renowned mill reef bar for her dose of celebratory champagne.

From The Stylist

A knee-length light peach dress with a fascinator hat looks perfect for a derby
Complete the look with a pair of stilettos and your Beth Square Bag