Rachelle Handbag / Edina Triumphs In Court

Eské - Rachelle Handbag

Eské Rachelle Handbag

A surge of adrenaline through her veins, Edina relished the feeling before a big case. A criminal lawyer by profession, she was assigned a high profile murder case by her firm, a case wherein Edina knew she had to be at her finest.

A sort of ritual followed for as long as she could remember- a breakfast of muesli with bananas and berries, with a glass of cold-pressed orange juice. As Edina exited her apartment, she picked up her Rachelle in one hand, her file in the other, with her advocate gown neatly draped over her forearm. Edina reviewed her notes one final time as soft jazz played on the car stereo. Calm. A tall woman with sharp features, her heels clicked the court steps as she gracefully made her way up. She found her client nervously waiting for her. Sitting her down, Edina briefed her on how the day was about to pan out. Reaching into her Rachelle, she pulled out a packet of gum, offering it to her client. The oldest stress buster there was in the book! Rehearsing the do’s and don’ts before it was time for the hearing, her reassuring personality seemed to ease her clients nervousness. Upon entering the courtroom, Edina shook hands with the opposition as a sign of respect before making her way toward her own seat. Rising as the judge made his way into the courtroom, Edina cleared her throat as she delicately adjusted her files that lay before her. From the moment the trial began to when gavel was slammed adjourning the court for lunch, Edina, exuberant with confidence, passionately laid across her points to the members of the jury. Confident by her approach and method of questioning, Edina excused herself to grab a cup of coffee.

Tendering change from within her Rachelle, she walked back toward her courtroom. A smile painted across her face, she was pleased with the way things had gone so far. Looks like her client would be free sooner than she expected after all!

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