Celine Shoulder Bag / A Cheesy Affair

Eské - Celine Shoulder Bag

Eské Celine Shoulder Bag

The cold air made it’s presence known the second Arina stepped off the train at Modena. Choosing to travel light, she presented her ticket as she placed her earphones in her Celine. The familiar presence of her polaroid camera delicately bounced against her waist as she made her way toward the cab stand.

A short train ride from her hometown in Bologna, Arina couldn’t believe she hadn’t already visited Modena. The sun had just begun to rise as her cab made it’s way through the narrow country roads of Modena. Enthralled by the plush greenery she witnessed, she made sure to capture the beautiful scenery that engulfed her. A days visit for her economics project, Arina chose to cover the the production of balsamic vinegar and parmigiano-reggiano from Italy’s, if not the world’s finest producer. Greeted by the owners of the farm who seemed as excited as her, Arina was shown around before being escorted toward the cellars that stored their prized vinegar. Inquisitively asking every question that came to mind while simultaneously reaching into her Celine, she took out her notebook, jotting down relevant points. Arina was then shown the way to a room full of parmesan cheese, where she happily tried a few samples. The hard gritty texture and fruity taste was an adventure in itself let alone the process used to create it. Cheesy. Stepping out of the cellar, sunshine filled her hair as she noticed a familiar face.

It was none other than the world-renowned chef Massimo Bottura himself! It seemed he liked buying cheese for his restaurant from the farm itself. Unable to contain her excitement, Arina made her way toward him while reaching into her Celine for her phone. There was no way she was leaving without a picture and an autograph!

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A summer dress with the straw hat looks elegant when out for a field visit.
Complete the look with a pair of Vans and your Celine Shoulder Bag