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Eskè Amy Boston Handbag

Eskè Amy Boston Handbag

Checking off succulents of her list, Merlin placed her diary inside her, Amy, as she gripped a tray from the florist. Placing the tray carefully by the floor mat of her car, she buckled in, tuning the radio to her favourite indie station. Headbanging to arcade fire, Merlin was full of life.

On her way to overlook the finishing touches of her first full-fledged interior designed office. Pairing a full-length dress with flats, she made her way into the newly designed space. Black and white striped sofas with a golden lamp between them, the smell of paint still fresh, Merlin was beaming with pride at the way all those months of planning had finally fallen into place. Making it a point to place each plant at equal intervals across the desks by the large french windows. She loved how all the natural light that seeped in made the interiors even more beautiful. Breathtaking. Video calling her parents back home in Watford, she explained every nook and corner of the place along with the inspirations for each idea. The fact that they chose to intently listen and were as, if not even more excited than her, made Merlin’s heart swell with gratitude.

She took out a pair of keys from within her Amy, taking one final glance at her work, Merlin bid adieu to the office that would soon be inhabited by a design agency. She couldn’t wait to get started on her next project as she clicked the lock into the place of the main entrance.

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