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Eské - Eva Boston Bag

Eské Eva Boston Bag

The director of a new age digital agency, Rose took one final glance at her presentation as she stood up from her desk. A multitasker like none other, Rose made sure she was kept abreast of all the going arounds at her workplace.

As elegant as the black Eva that sat beside her, Rose stepped out of her office wearing a knee-length midnight blue formal dress that she paired with pearls. Making her way toward her ride, she was scheduled to have lunch with a potential client whose pharmacy business empire could help exponentiate her agency’s growth. She was a highly passionate woman who seemed to always be one step ahead. Probably why she already knew what to call for as she seated herself, exchanging pleasantries with her host.

From the moment she reached into her Eva to take out her business card to the moment they cleared the bill one thing was certain: She had just won her agency an account of a lifetime.

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Complete the look with a hair bun and your black EvaBoston Bag