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Eské - Filo Boston Bag - Leather

Eské Filo Boston Bag

A concussion of both nerve and excitement. Lisa was conscious of every tick the clock made, as she took one final sip of her black coffee. A lifestyle writer for a fashion magazine, she was scheduled to cover the Paris fashion week. An event that had been part of her mandate for years, Lisa, however was about to do things differently.

As the clock struck nine-thirty, she firmly gripped her Filo that sat beside her and walked toward the exit of her office. A quick make up check followed as she sat in her uber, Lisa was a woman who didn’t let the pressure get to her. Stepping into the warm embrace of the Paris sun, she made her way to the media entrance. Home. An industry that was always about doing things bigger and better, Lisa was certain she had to take a different approach for her work to stand out this year. She reached into her perfectly assembled Filo, taking out her voice recorder and notebook. She chose to structure her article by personifying the clothes rather than the designers themselves. Paying attention to every syllable muttered, she wrote down quotes from the perspective of each designer on what they thought fashion would look like in the future. Never wanting to miss the spectacular collections on show, Lisa reached out for an energy bar from within her Filo, making sure she never had to miss any of the action while on a snack break. Time flew on as she put her method to use, personifying the newer collections, interviewing any and every designer that she could get a few moments with.

As the show drew to a close, Lisa was exhausted but extremely satisfied with the kind of coverage she had amassed. Her editor was either going to love or hate her approach, Guess there was but one way to find out as she and her Filo made their way back to her ride home.

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A white sweetheart bodice jumpsuit with a pair of strapped flats looks chic when attending a fashion show.
Complete the look with a smack of matte nude lips and your Filo Boston Bag