Bowtie - floral - white - polka dot - shirt - blue - blazer

A blue blazer paired with a white polka dot shirt and a floral print bowtie for the dapper look

Bowties have gone from being an accessory in sartorial history to a conversation starter giving us more than enough reasons to wear it every day and not just reserve them for black tie events. And it is a fact that bow ties make men look more approachable. A fact we love to believe. Given the splendor and a dash of reliability it adds to the wearer’s personality, we are determined to make #365DaysOfBowtie a thing this year. Here’s a low down on how to pull off this classic neckwear every day without breaking a sweat.

Prints & Patterns:

Stick to the general thumb rule here: the bolder the tie, the milder the shirt. Don’t hesitate to pair a print with a print. If you’ve a patterned shirt, wear it with a patterned (albeit a different one) bowtie.

H&M - Bowtie - block - dog printed - shirt

Pairing an H&M dog printed shirt with an H&M color block bowtie for a casual look

For The Dapper Look:

It’s not necessary to wear a jacket with a bowtie. Although, there’s a little trick here. If you want to wear a bowtie with your favorite half-sleeved shirt, pair it with a collarless coat and avoid looking like Urkel.

Denim - cardigan - Bowtie

Denims, cardigan, and a bowtie are ideal to sport a cool and casual look

For The Classic Man:

But if you’re going for a full sleeved shirt, roll up those sleeves and wear that bowtie with all grandeur. Extra points if you go for a denim shirt.

Bowtie - casual - dress pants

A casual bowtie with dress pants looks suave

Million Dollar Man:

Think beyond the usual cotton and satin bowties. Go for a wooden or even a leather bowtie to add that extra zing to your outfit.

Bowtie - leather - classic - luxury

A leather bowtie on a suit looks debonair

Working Class Hero:

Bowties do have a knack to make your outfit look very formal. However, accessories the right way and you can change that academic image instantly. Go for a suave leather messenger bag or a tan weaved laptop bag to achieve a semi-formal look.


Bowtie - leather - luxury

Rock the bowtie like a pro even at work with your leather satchel bag

Casual Cool:

Who said you cannot wear a bowtie with T-shirts? Loosen up that bowtie and pair it with your favorite T-shirt jeans duo. Add a jacket and disheveled hair to that mix and you will look like you stepped right out of a fashion magazine!

Bowtie - T shirt - Blazer

Bowtie and t-shirt with a blazer is a deadly combination