Amy Bucket Bag / Anandita’s Brunch Date

Eské - Amy Bucket Bag - Leather

Eské Amy Bucket Bag

Nodding in agreement about the thread work on her newly contoured grey vest, Anandita was a fashion designer by profession, who was working on designing a new suit. Picking up her Amy as she stepped out of her boutique, she was running a little late for brunch date set up by her friends.

Finally succumbing to their requests, she accepted. Her one condition being, she got to pick the place, as a good brunch was but her only expectation. Wearing a denim dress, Anandita walked toward her table, her date was already seated. Exchanging pleasantries, she made small talk for she couldn’t wait to place her order, devour it and move on. The finishing touches to be added to her newly curated suit being the only thing on her mind. Calling for a quinoa salad with a glass of red, Anandita made sure she ate clean and watched her calorie intake unlike her date, who chose to indulge in a tenderloin steak. To her surprise, the conversation only got better and she hadn’t even finished her glass of wine. By the time their meals were served they were laughing away at embarrassing moments they’d encountered on previous dates. She told him all about her work and what she thought fashion would be like in the coming years. He mentioned his love for poetry and the written word. Interesting. A few glasses and a very satisfying meal later, it was time to tussle for the bill.

She reached into her Amy, but he seemed adamant to cover the cost. Regardless of who won the age-old fight for the bill, one thing was for sure – there would definitely be a second date!

From The Stylist

A white fit and flare collar dress with a pair of cat-eyed sunglasses looks casual chic  for a brunch date
Complement your look with pair of white strapped flats and your Amy Bucket Bag