Aliya City Bucket Bag / Janet Unearths Rome

Eské - Aliya City Bucket Bag - Leather

Eské Aliya City Bucket Bag

Shielding her eyes with her aviators, Janet stepped out of her hotel in Roman sun. Her Aliya by her side, she paired a basic white tee with jeans. An archaeologist by profession, she was studying a few of the many sites that Rome had to offer.

The Arch of Janus being the first on her agenda, she face-timed her mother back home who seemed to reciprocate her excitement. The only quadrifrons triumphal arch that was preserved in Rome, Janet could’ve spent all day marveling at the exquisite architecture on display. Next up were the Baths of Caracalla, it’s limited access made these ruins an exciting visit. She took notes in her pocket diary and sketched a few designs on how she would better improve the structure, had she been giving the responsibility. The Egyptian and Roman obelisks were next on her agenda. Janet was thankful for the phone call she received from her friend urging her to visit the Marcellus Theatre. She remembered how her father would read Roman and Greek mythology to her as a child and how she always fantasied living the life of Athena and watching the gladiators fight in the Colosseum.

Now standing in its ruins she was sure to pick up a postcard for home, which she carefully placed in her Aliya. All this exploration had made her hungry, a feeling she was about to soon satisfy as she made her way to a local cafe.

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A white long shirt with one end tucked in and the other hanging out with a pair of printed pants blends elegantly for the travel look.
Complement it with a messy bun and your Aliya City Bucket Bag.