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Eské - Penley Bucket Bag - Leather

Eské Penley Bucket Bag

The church bell tolled from somewhere within the steeple. It was time. Diana’s best friend was about to get married. A day that had been fantasized about ever since they met in middle school. As vows and rings were exchanged, Diana couldn’t help but admire how the entire ceremony had gone off so smoothly.

The mammoth amount of work involved, the coordination and planning along with the sleepless nights involved made organizing a wedding never an easy feat. It was, however, a responsibility she happily shouldered for her closest friend. As the ceremony drew to a close, a galore of pictures followed. Diana wore a lacy pastel pink gown accompanied by her trusty Penley, made her way with her group of friends to the beachfront. Not only was the setup breathtaking, her childhood crush, Paolo also happened to be in attendance. Joy, an emotion that seemed to be contagious at the time, made this but the perfect day. The bride and groom made their entrance in style, to the cheers of all those present. Their first dance awaited. Diana couldn’t believe after all these years, she finally worked up the courage to ask Paolo for a dance. Nothing but pleased with the series of conversations that followed, she and Paolo seemed to be really hitting it off.

As the day drew on, Paolo suggested they exchanged numbers and meet for coffee in the coming week. An offer Diana happy obliged to as she took out her phone from her Penley. Maybe someday soon, her very own wedding fantasy would materialize.

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