Telma Bucket Bag / Huda Sips On Qahwa

Eské-Telma Bucket Bag-Leather

Eské Telma Bucket Bag

Huda’s hometown was marvelous. Fewer things brought her more joy than a crowded market in Istanbul. There was something about the way spices looked under the yellow lights that illuminated them.

Her Telma slung across her shoulder, Huda made her way to the famous tea stall where she picked up various kinds of local teas for her newly married daughter and her husband. She was glad he loved tea as much as they did. Making sure to pack some extra green orange tea for herself, as she paid the owner from her Telma. Upon passed the carpet stalls, she reminisced how she would come here as a child with her parents. The grand bazaar was a world of its own, home to thousands of shops and stalls always buzzing with people. Bustle. A quick stop by the jeweler where she mended her gold bracelet, shortly after buying a lantern that she couldn’t get her eyes off.

Stopping at a nearby cafe, Huda pulled out a crossword book from her Telma, as she ordered for a cup of Qahwa. The rich taste of cardamom and saffron made it the perfect refreshment. She made it a point to pass the blue mosque on her way back, the atmosphere and vibe encircling it always seemed to make her smile.

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