Alida Shoulder Bag / Sarah’s Chilly Night In Salzburg

Eské-Alida Shoulder Bag

Eské Alida Shoulder Bag

No country waltzes between urban and outdoor living as effortlessly as Austria.
Sarah, donning a bini with knee length boots and a jacket made her way toward cafe bazar where she found herself a table.

Her Alida by her side, she reached in for her iPad. Calling for a mushroom cheese steak with rosemary potatoes and a glass of whiskey to keep her warm, she powered on her iPad simultaneously. A resident of Austria for over four years, Sarah was still amazed by the beauty that surrounded her. Being an author, tended to take a toll on her adored tablets screen but she was almost done with the first draft of her latest mini-series and couldn’t be more excited. Her series was a comedic account of peculiar incidents faced by housewives. She had based her series on stories her mother, back home in Rome would tell her. An idea struck her, as she feverishly typed away, this was it! She couldn’t believe she had worked out a way to end the series.

Shutting the flap of her iPad, placing it back into her Alida that sat beside her, Sarah was visibly excited as she saw the server make his way with a tray in his hand toward her table.

From The Stylist

A red and black checkered short skirt with a black bomber jacket is ideal for the evening look.
Complement the look with a pair of knee length boots, mittens and  jazz it up with your Alida Shoulder Bag