Roberta Backpack / Saloni Cycles Through Slovenia

Eské - Roberta Backpack

Eské Roberta Backpack

Cycling through the Pokljuka Plateau, the wind felt exquisite on Saloni’s face. As she pedaled through the forested plateau that sat within the Julian Alps she felt at peace. A hectic work schedule had kept her busy all year and she seemed to have found a way to detach.The ride up was breathtaking. Both figuratively as well as literally.

As she returned to the base, Saloni returned her cycle back to the rental shop. Asking for directions to Vintgar Gorge, this was easily one of the most satisfying solo trips she had embarked on. The wooden walkway through the gorge built with crisscrosses around a swirling river was a sure test of her balance. The roar of the rapids, however, were like music to her ears. Scaling the 16m-high Šum Waterfall, Saloni sat back as she took it all in. The lush greenery left her awestruck. Reaching into her Roberta, she pulled out her flask to refill it. She had been craving some local food since the day she landed hence a lunch at Gostilna Murka was booked. Indulging in some veal stew with chive dumplings, she then treated her sweet tooth to the famous local dessert, Cremeschnitte, making it the perfect end to a hearty meal.

A quick visit to Lake Bled was mandatory keeping in mind it’s iconic church steeple that lay atop a tiny rock island in the middle of the Lake. Picking up a postcard from a local shop that she picked up for her parents, Saloni felt like she had been transported into a fairytale.Magical!

Tightening the straps of her Roberta, she made her way through the sunny alpine air to the stables where she intended to hitch a horse ride to the thermal springs before calling it a day.

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A pair of denim shorts with a grey T-shirt looks cool and chic for an adventure ride.
A pair of sneakers with your Roberta Backpack and you are set to go!