Alida Sling Bag / Neha Gallivants Through Naples

Eské-Alida Sling Bag

Eské Alida Sling Bag


There’s something about the way the sky bleeds different shades of orange as the sun sets. Making their way to what was called, the sacred temple of pizza, Neha, and her friends couldn’t wait to try the pizzas at L’Antica Pizzeria.

Slipping out her phone from her Alida, she quickly snapped a few pictures of their pizza. Recipes passed down for over five generations, along with the rich sauces and mozzarella used, ensured not a crumb remained. Scrumptious. They then hit some of the coolest dive bars across Naples. Laughter filled the air as they downed another negroni, arguably Italy’s most famous drink. Never missing an instaworthy moment, the selfie galore was worth it. Neha, comfortable as ever in her black dress that she paired with white sneakers, stepped out with her possy into the night. It was time, the moment they had been waiting for had finally arrived. Climbing into a taxi, they made their way to San Giorgio, where some of the hottest international artists were performing. Neha presented her ticket as security strapped a neon band around her hand. Excitement all around.

Reaching for her card from within her Alida, she bought her friends the first round. The crowd roared as Alice et Moi walked onto stage, getting the show started.

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