Adela Shoulder Bag / Samantha’s Birthday Eve

Eské-Adela Shoulder Bag

Eské Adela Shoulder Bag

Spending her birthday eve in the most happening part of London was going to be an exciting night for Samantha, surrounded by her best friends. Pairing her newly purchased pair of stilettos with a lacy wine colored dress, an Adela by her side, she was the centre of attention.

Known for always experimenting, she seemed to pull off every new look she tried. Elegance. Party hopping their agenda, Samantha and her friends hit every happening club in Central London, having a shot of the birthday girl’s choice at each place. Now in their favorite club, Samantha knew they’d spend the rest of their night here. Dancing the night away, her friends sure knew how to make the dance floor their own. “Another round!” called out Samantha as she pulled out her credit card from her Adela.

With all her friends huddled together, she pulled out her phone to capture the moment. Turning 22 started off great and she couldn’t be happier.

From The Stylist

A midnight blue bodycon dress with of half-closed black pen heels is a good outfit for a night out.
Put on a dark-hued lipstick and sling it on with your Adela Shoulder Bag.