Liam Bifold Wallet / Timothy’s History Class

Eské-Liam Bifold Wallet

Eské Liam Bifold Wallet

You never outgrow the candy dispenser, a thought that crossed Timothy’s mind as he took out spare change from his Liam. A high school history teacher, he leaned against a wall, wearing a checked shirt and beige trousers. As the bell rang, students swamped the corridors, many of whom greeted him as they hurried toward their classes.

Finishing his nutmeg candy bar, he moved toward his own class. History was a fascinating subject. He loved what he taught, and the fact that his students showed similar enthusiasm meant the world. Continuing his discussion on how technology and trends were transforming everyday objects, he took out his Liam and held it high. You may have the ability to digitally pay, but a wallet will never go out of style. The classes laugh however quickly died down as Timothy announced: “Surprise Test”! World War Two and its impact on everyday life, was an extensive topic, dense with dates and important names. Some students looked confident, while others not so much. Arms crossed, he lingered around the room, never strict, Timothy, however, hated cheating. He discouraged it every chance he got. When he did come across students who resorted to unfair means of scoring, he took the time out to speak to them and explain concepts with the hope of helping them better understand the subject and its importance.

Timothy was approachable and that’s partly why everyone loved him. As the bell rang, Timothy knew from every expression who was going to breeze through this test and who wasn’t.

From The Stylist

An indigo shirt with a pair of grey pants looks soigné
Pair of leather tan shoes and a classic Liam Bifold Wallet complements it well