Durnford Blue – Black Wallet / Scott Paves The Way Ahead

Eské-Durnford Blue - Black Wallet

Eské Durnford Blue – Black Wallet

Placing the valet ticket into his Durnford, Scott couldn’t believe they had actually done it. Making his way through the graveled path that led up to his favorite restaurant in Berlin, he and his team were out to celebrate one of their biggest wins yet. For a PR agency so young, having signed Marvel was no ordinary feat.

Dressed in a casual peach shirt paired with loafers, Scott greeted his team as he took his seat, dishing out high fives and fist bumps. As they indulged in the seafood platter and all the wine that came their way, everybody was in high spirits, and rightly so. Celebration. Although elated himself, Scott was conscious of the mammoth amount of work that lay ahead. Office banter aside, Scott took it upon himself to initiate dialogue on what it would take to successfully release their first project for Marvel. The release of Black Panther. Debating on ideas and directions, they formulated campaign ideas that could potentially help make the movie a runaway success all night, up until it was time to wind up for the day.

Scott knew with the enthusiasm shown, sky was the limit! Taking out his Durnford for the valet ticket, he couldn’t help but smile thinking about how the success of a superhero now lay in their hands.

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