Ronan Black Wallet / Oliver Talks Numbers

Eské-Ronan Black Wallet

Eské Ronan Black Wallet

Paying the taxi driver, slipping his Ronan into his trouser back pocket, Oliver, a private equity associate based in Marseille, took a deep breath as he stepped into the 4th annual UK Private Equity conference. Oliver loved conferences and everything associated with them, be that the enlightened speakers, networking opportunities and of course – the open bar.

The keynote speaker at this conference being Ken Langone, A man who went from being a caddy to a billionaire. A man whose business and investment strategy Oliver idolised. Wearing a buttoned up shirt with a black sweater on, as the talks drew to a close. Oliver moved toward the bar where he got himself a glass of The Glenlivet French Oak. A whiskey he loved as much as he did numbers. Smooth. He moved around the hall making conversation with everyone he came across. A hall bustling with energy, housing some of the smartest and most successful financial minds, there was never a dull moment for him.

Discussing and debating preferred returns and clawback provisions, he made sure to exchange cards with everyone he had a conversation with. Taking the final sip of his whiskey, Oliver slipped out his Ronan, tipping the bartender handsomely as he walked toward the exit of the conference hall.

From The Stylist

A smoke grey suit with a white shirt and grey tie looks dapper for a conference.
Complete the look with a pair of tan shoes and a Ronan Black Wallet.