Durnford Black Wallet / Rudy Powers Through Ladakh

Eské-Durnford Black Wallet-Leather

Eské Durnford Black Wallet

The lack of billboards felt odd. Rudy loved the city life and all the billboards that came with it, mainly because he wrote most of them. A copywriter for an ad agency in Delhi, A city he now called home. As he stepped into the famous Enfield rental store in Ladakh, the feeling of joy that engulfed him as he took out his Durnford to rent a Classic 350 Enfield was like none other.

This was it, Rudy couldn’t believe he had actually gone through with his plan. His love for bikes had inspired this journey through the mountainous terrain of Ladakh. There was something about the sound of an Enfield engine, the way it felt and ran. Power. His leather jacket never felt more important. Marvelling at the different shades of purple the mountains took up, he powered through the breathtaking stretches of Ladakh. As the blood drained from his knuckles and the sun began to set, he neared his campsite. Warm food with an even warmer welcome by the hosts, Rudy couldn’t have been happier as he indulged in a deep slumber.

As the sun rose, Rudy’s teeth chattering, he extended his arm to the bedside table. With a firm grip, he picked up his Dunford and the keys to the Enfield. Adventure awaited!

From The Stylist

When traveling to the terrains, a tan leather jacket with a black full sleeves turtle neck tee and dark blue denims is a must.
Complete the look with a pair of hiking boots, Ray-bans and the essential Durnford black wallet.