Lovell City Hobo / Lara’s Movie Night

Eské-Lovell City Hobo-Bag

Eské Lovell City Hobo Bag

Popcorn is underrated, thought Lara, as she picked up two tubs of double cheese popcorn. It was movie night, star wars was screening and her sons couldn’t have been more excited. As happy as she was for them, keeping an eye on them as they darted toward their seats was a mission in itself.

Life would’ve been so much easier if she could fit both her sons into her Lovell. A casual shirt paired with dark blue denims, she passed the tubs of popcorn as she put on her 3D glasses. A serial entrepreneur who ran successful businesses, Lara was a woman in control. Being a single mother that raised twin boys was, however, a different ball game altogether. Although twins, her sons were poles apart, they both however loved star wars. Lara reminisced how she would wear her favorite pink frock to the theatre every alternate Sunday with her parents and the intangible joy it brought her.

As the lights dimmed Lara extended her arms, pulling her children closer, as she leaned back into her seat. Delight. Her Lovell comfortably placed on her lap, Lara and her sons enjoyed the Jedi take on the dark side.

From the stylist

When out for a movie night, a comfortable pair of joggers with a loose crop top and long shrug is a bliss.
To complement the look, put on a pair of sneakers and grab a Lovell City Hobo bag.