Satyajit Roy-EGK-fried onions

Satyajit’s storyteller expression

Satyajit Roy dreams of opening a library. “I already have a librarian, you know”, he says smugly. But for now, Satyajit, in his own words, sells fried onions. Don’t let his modesty fool you though. Everyday Gourmet Kitchen (EGK) sells fried onions to some of the biggest restaurants and businesses across the country.

After almost a decade of working in transportation, what inspired him to switch to the food industry? “We have a big biryani feast in our house every Sunday. The onion chopping begins from the morning which drives everyone out of the house. That’s when it struck me that much like every other readymade food item, you would also get readymade fried onion somewhere. Turns out you don’t.” Satyajit adds with a quiet laugh. The EGK office is small but warm. Satyajit’s cabin is the first thing you pass by when you enter through the doors. It’s hard to miss all the framed article clippings of his many achievements, but what will truly grab your attention is his vast collection of books. He wasn’t kidding about the library. Turns out his office also doubles up as an open library. “People walk in to borrow books. Some of them even add to this collection,” he adds. A lot of Satyajit’s personality is reflected in his small cabin space and his actions. Be it the books, a replica of the time turner and Lord Voldemort’s wand from the Harry Potter series or a tan leather jacket he picked up from Amsterdam casually draped over his chair.

“Why do I have a leather jacket in this weather, you ask? Because I am always cold. I picked it up from an old shop in Amsterdam. I entered the shop with the intention of window shopping but I ended up buying jackets for my mother and brothers too,” he adds with a laugh. Satyajit is driven by his decisions, decisions he adheres to, just like his choice of leather.