Revathi Roy-HeyDedee-Entrepreneur

Revathi sitting in her cabin wearing a beautiful patterned saree.

Revathi Roy will take you by surprise every time you meet her. And none of it (or maybe some of it) has to do with the gargantuan success she has amassed in the last decade. Punctual to the minute, she greets us with a warm smile, wearing one of her beautiful sarees from her vast collection. There are no delays and no fuss as she welcomes us into the small but inviting cabin housed in Hey Deedee’s Mumbai office.

Her cabin is packed to the rafters with awards and accolades she has received over the years. A wooden desk with her laptop and a box of coffee beans she received from the Coffee Board of India takes most of the space while a painting of a J.K Rowling quote makes for an interesting read. When asked why she chose the quote ‘Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life’ from Rowling’s famous commencement address – she adds with a proud smile, “My eldest son Satyajit gifted this to me when we started this office. He tells me this is exactly how my life has been.” A lot of her grit and ardor is reflected in the way she dresses herself. Beautiful patterned saree paired with funky accessories tell us that Revathi is not the one to shy away from experimenting. What’s striking is how the frame of her glasses change color in every picture on the wall of her cabin. “I have around 14-15 different frames. I match them with my outfit. It’s the only thing I splurge money on”, she admits guiltily.

But besides her immaculate appearance, it is her warmth which is infectious and reflects on everyone who works at the Hey Deedee office. The small office space is bustling with ambition, laughter and some of the best dressed working women you will see in Mumbai.