Agata City Hobo / Cindy’s Sun-kissed Brunch

Eské-Paris-Agata City Hobo-bag-leather

Eské Agata City Hobo Bag

There’s something about the way the sun kisses you on a weekend. Clearly waking up on the right side of the bed, Cindy was nothing but excited for what awaited. She had been looking forward to the day and knew exactly what to wear, for nothing says Family Brunch, like a beige sundress with her Agata across the shoulder.

Sliding into flats, putting on her cat-eye glares, Cindy stepped into the warm embrace of the Saturday sun. A family tradition, seated at their favorite restaurant, Cindy was as happy as one could be. As the Sangrias kept flowing, the walls resonated with laughter that came about from every embarrassing story told. Cindy wondered why they didn’t do this more often. As time flew on, She excused herself and made her way toward the washroom, where she placed her Agata by the sink.

Picking out her lipstick, as red as the sangrias she just had. It was time for a quick makeup check. For Cindy knew the there was but one thing left to complete this wonderful day – A Selfie Galore!

From the Stylist

Choose between a white or beige sundress with hippie glasses with a pop of wine colored lipstick.
Complete your brunch look with a pair of flats and sling on your Agata City Hobo.