Daniel Laptop Bag / Edward Takes On Friday

Eské-Daniel Laptop Bag - leather

Eské Daniel Laptop Bag


Fridays! The word in itself feels bittersweet. A thought that crosses Edward’s mind as he scrolls through 9GAG in complete despair. The seriousness of the overwhelming amount of work multiplies with every scroll. A jumpstart like none other, he cherishes the final gulp of coffee, and simultaneously slides out a folder from his Daniel, containing portfolios of new applicants. One of whom he hopes will be his, ‘future prodigy’.

Being an Art Director of a new age marketing agency has its perks. However, with these perks come a mammoth amount of responsibility, a blessing and bane he wishes to share. Not so confident of what he sets his eyes on, the mismatching color scheme used by the first applicant was too painful to bear. Reaching back into his Daniel, he seamlessly pulls out his red marker.

Flipping through portfolios and dismissing everything he saw, when all of a sudden he leans back into his chair, for right in that moment he knew, just like his Daniel – he had finally found someone he could bank on.

From the stylist

A black T-shirt or dark blue shirt with a pair of classic blue denims can never go out of style.
Pair this look with tan loafers or white converse and the Daniel Laptop Bag and you are good to go!