Nick Daryanani-Off The Cuff-Hong Kong

Nick D – The cool and sassy host from Off The Cuff, Hong Kong.

Nick Daryanani loves wearing jackets. “A good leather jacket is my go to,” he adds. You would imagine that wearing a full suit in 35 degrees Celsius would put anyone off, but the Hong Kong-based host of the TV show Off The Cuff does it without breaking a sweat. Literally and figuratively. Then again, it’s a small price to pay if your job is as cool as hosting a talk show with some of the biggest celebrities in Asia, on a tram swooshing around the city of Hong Kong. But being suave doesn’t just stop on screen for Nick.

“I like wearing polos. They’re the perfect level between a shirt and a t-shirt. A dark polo and beige chinos would be my go to on any given day.” he says. By his own admission, he has always had great style. Maybe it’s a result of his upbringing in the fashion capital of Hong Kong or the frequent trips he takes to the ever-so-stylish city of London. “That, yes and also my girlfriend has a hand in it” he adds with a sheepish smile.

A piece of advice from him: “Always match your shoes and belts. It’s sad how men often ignore this small detail which can make a big difference in the way your entire outfit looks. Also, forget what the trend or the magazines tell you. A leather briefcase will always trump a backpack to complete a formal look.”


A glimpse from Off The Cuff with Nick Daryanani