Jasper Laptop Bag / Aditya Stands Tall

Eské-Jasper Laptop Bag

Eské Jasper Laptop Bag

Stopping by McDonalds for a quick snack before the big meeting, Aditya pulls out the money clip in his Jasper to pay the bill. Sipping on a coke, he reads though the notes for his presentation on his phone and checks the calendar for his next appointment. Working in the business development department of a marquee digital agency, he was trained to walk the talk.

Towering at 6 feet 3 inches with an athletic built and a husky voice, his presence was slightly intimidating at first. He commanded the meetings like a matador who knew the clients next move. A positive meeting today could mean great business for the agency. Aditya finishes his snack and walks towards the client’s office. Dressed in an olive green shirt and dark blue denim, sporting his wayfarer, securing the  Jasper by his side, his approach was composed.

While waiting in the conference room he settles into the chair and writes down the inspirational line displayed in the room. In a short span he earned the reputation of being able to sell ice to an eskimo. It was in his Jasper that he carried his treasure, his phone, ink pen and diary, power bank; it was his boy Friday.

From the Stylist

It’s time to go all blue!
A navy blue button down shirt with a pair of washed out denims works wonders for a smart look.
With the Jasper Laptop Bag, you’ll be ready to take the outfit to work.