Ronan Briefcase / Paul Stays Immaculate

Eské Paris-Ronan Briefcase-Leather

Eské Ronan Briefcase

Paul cycles to work every day and stops by the cafe for quick breakfast. He often preferred to have a Bagel with an espresso. This was the time where he would sit and plan his day. A solicitor by profession, he appreciated the precise nature of his work and let that reflect in his own actions too.

He pulls out his laptop from his Ronan and prepares for the hearing of a land dispute case in the Chambers UK. He had a defined jawline and his forearms were so toned that every time he moved his fingers to type, his muscles flexed. Wrapping up his breakfast and securing the Ronan he hops back onto to cycle listening to a Frank Sinatra.  Dressed in a crisp white shirt and black suit, adjusting his black tie, with a confident smile on his face he enters the courtroom, noticing the body language of everyone in the room.

He was sure he had what he needed to win. The Ronan was his vault where his sources and information was safe. It had been by his side for all the victories and hearings, a reminder of why he got into this career.

From the stylist

Charcoal is the new black! Pair a woven charcoal jacket with trousers with a crisp white shirt.
Want to make it formal? You just have to add a black tie and the Ronan Briefcase to the ensemble and you’re good to roll!