Marvin Laptop Bag / Andrew Stays In Form

Eské- Marvin Laptop Bag

Eské Marvin Laptop Bag

As noon approaches, Andrew is in the middle of typing an e-mail. Adjusting his glasses, he scans the contents once to ensure the flow is neat and his thoughts are communicated clearly before hitting the send button. An independent brand consultant, he’s spent hours of  his time on his laptop – creating strategy presentations, analysing data and surveying the latest in the world of business, bookmarking what he feels is interesting and worth remembering. 

Operating from a co-working space, he pulls out his earphones from the Marvin – a gift from his wife – to get on a conference call. He slowly paces while on call, dressed in a smart salmon shirt and black chinos, meticulously listening to every word and writing down pointers he wishes to bring up for discussion for when he’s speaking. Never an unnecessary question nor a stray thought, calls with him are compact and result oriented.

The Marvin was an apt gift for Andrew, giving his work tools a home and complementing his refined wardrobe. It also provided him abundant space to keep even a small bouquet of flowers and a box from Tiffany, patiently waiting to be presented to his doting wife.

From the Stylist

Keep it classy with a grey sweater on a smart white shirt.
Pair them with black chinos and sneakers for a cool yet casual look.
With the Marvin Laptop Bag on your arm, you’ll be ready to go.