Wyatt Messenger Bag / Charles’ Winning Ways

Eské-Paris-Wyatt messenger bag

Eské Wyatt Messenger Bag

Sipping his green tea while staring at the blueprint laid out in front of him, Charles squinted at a detail that caught his eye. Perplexed, he pulled out his notebook from his Wyatt and went through his notes again to re-affirm the detail was right. A sense of accomplishment, hidden behind a smile was revealed. He knew that the blueprint was ready to be submitted. Gathering what he needed for his lunch meeting and pushing his brown hair back, he zipped up the Wyatt and proceeded to walk towards the elevator, humming an Elvis.

Meetings were all about domination for him. He commanded the attention of everyone at the table with bold hand gestures and a perfect vocabulary. Rarely would you see him fumble or not know what to say next. His chosen attire for the meeting, a crisp white shirt folded up to his elbows with charcoal grey trousers, was to exert that he meant business.

A short walk to the restaurant, Charles stopped by a newsstand to pick up the latest edition of Architectural digest for his late night read and put it neatly in his Wyatt. Stealing a quick look at his reflection on the restaurant glass door, he walked in, ready to win again.

From the Stylist

You can never go wrong with a crisp white shirt and dark trousers. However, its time to experiment.
Go for a lighter shade like sky blue and pair it with trousers in darker tones like midnight blue.
Complete the look with the tan Wyatt Messenger Bag and you’re ready to take on the day!