Rachelle Chain Shopper / Ananya’s Evening Tryst


Eské Rachelle Chain Shopper

As Monday came to a close, Ananya smiled at her work screen. She had always been the intuitive kind. Listening to what was being said and what was not, her eyes gently taking in the verbal and non verbal cues, aptly understanding what was truly being communicated. Soft spoken, dressed mostly in pastel tones, carrying a Rachelle with a whiff of Hypnotic Poison, she was a Dior lady through and through. She believed in people, she believed in intentions and had the capability to get work done. Her career in human resources was on fast track, her colleagues loved her, her bosses were impressed with her business acumen, a rare skill in her department.

She was spearheading a competency mapping project that had to be shipped out this week. For someone who plans ahead and plans well, it almost never meant longer hours to meet a deadline, and she snapped her laptop close. Looking around for her phone and popping in a protein bar, she looked at herself in the mirror, smiling a heart warming one.

The Rachelle had been a conscious decision for her immaculate work wardrobe. She could identify with the tote derivative, admired the suave nature of fine leather, it carried her work well and looked appropriate for an early dinner when the situation called for it. Like it did tonight. She had a hot date in an hour’s time and Ananya looked her intriguing best.

From The Stylist

An Indo-Western combination of a long A-line Kurta with the ever so chic Nehru jacket and jeggings or skinny jeans is an ideal go to for a long day at the office.
Accessorise the outfit with the Rachelle Chain Shopper and chunky rings.