Sanne Shopper / Maya Stays In Vogue


Eské Sanne Shopper

An Uber drops Maya right at the gate of Istituto Marangoni, her second home within its aristrocratic walls. She steps out, pulling on a coat and picking up her Sanne, peering through her Manhattan sunglasses. Humming an Adele, she strides right into her office. Settling into her desk, she pulls out her phone and a planner from the Sanne. Wednesdays are ideally a sweet spot, the week gently easing into the weekend. Not that it really matters for this young professor of fashion studies, all days are work days, fuelled by a creative frenzy. She pops a lollipop in her mouth and heads for the classroom.

Maya loves spending time with her students and planning their final year assignments. She is patient, and listens to the ideas, offering inputs where required. A guide, not an instructor. She generally uses purple ink to take notes of the points she approves of and green for points that need further clarity. She loves using multi coloured post-its and magazine cut-outs to keep a track of what is around the corner. She uses metal clips to hold everything in place. And then, another clip to take care of notes on home errands, she does not trust her husband to be as efficient as her, a loving mother of twin tykes.

It is lucky that the Sanne has segregated sections to hold it all, and more – a bunch of pens, and the latest edition of Vogue because well, it’s Vogue.

From the Stylist

Go for a solid colored bodycon dress and pair it with your sky high pumps and the Sanne shopper.
Add a dark coloured trench coat or a leather jacket for cold evenings.