Adela Tote / Lynette’s Spiel In London

Eské-Adela Tote -bag

Eské Adela Tote

Lynette loves her coffee, but hates to brew one for herself. She gets out of her apartment a little early and stops by at the coffee shop to sip on some hot cappuccino before getting to her class. Studying at London College of Fashion, the same college where Jimmy Choo was an alumni, was a dream come true for her. Lynette grew up in Sri Lanka, it took her three whole months to settle in London, she found it bitterly cold and clung on to her fur coat at all times.

Mornings for her comprised sitting back at the coffee shop with her Adela (she called the darling handbag her constant) and observing the streets filled with students, while working on her assignments. She believed that experiences of life organically made their way into our creative pursuits and she drew inspiration from circumstances, people and places. Wednesday was the day when she would sit with her tutor to plan for her debut collection. She would smile and have butterflies in her stomach every time she set foot on the campus.

Dressed in a dark grey dress, wearing long boots and her fur coat to keep her warm, she walks into the campus with her Adela and black long locks like a diva. Her style is highlighted as she chooses dark shades over the safe nude palette.

From the Stylist

All black everything! Go for a day and night look with a black graphic shirt, black jeggings (leather pants, if you’re feeling particularly bold) and our Fall favourite – black boots and the Adela Tote.
Complete it with a navy and white striped ankle length jacket to bring in the bling factor.
Trade the long jacket for a leather jacket for your night outs.