Fonda Shopper / Kylie Takes On The World

Eské-Fonda Shopper-

Eské Fonda Shopper

Kylie has always been an early riser. Each day begins with a run by the shore as the sun rises followed by a quick core strengthening workout. She enjoys having her things in place beforehand and rarely re-thinks her decisions. To escape the Monday blues, she’s decided to go with pastel trousers and a white blouse ensemble.

One to always greet neighbours, she sets on her routine walk to work, heels tapping on the pavement and her Fonda dangling on her arm. Reaching into it she brings her earphones out to catch up on her weekly podcast about the latest in the world of business. She already knows what she’s going to do next with her project. Stepping into Café Nero, she orders the usual – a buttered croissant which she bites into immediately while the barista is prepping her Caramellate. Allowing her thoughts to lay on the agenda of each scheduled meeting, she sets out.

At the office, her entry adds a distinct energy to the overall mood. She’s a charismatic woman, Kylie. Removing her leather jacket, she gets the diary and pulls out a hair tie from her Fonda before placing it firmly on her seat. Ready to take on the day, she walks into the meeting room as the Fonda makes itself at home in the hot seat.

From the stylist

Pastel colored trousers paired with a contrasting color top is an everyday go to which can be clubbed with statement heels and chunky rings.
Complete the look with the Fonda Double Zip Shopper and carry a leather jacket with a fur collar to keep yourself warm