Amira City Shopper / Bella’s Sunday Excursion

Eské-Amira City Shopper

Eské Amira City Shopper

Bella loves her Sundays. She is an early riser, catches up with the news, the markets, her yoga and a bowl of muesli and almond milk before the world around her has even stepped out of their beds. She loves to see the sun rise, and witness the gentle urban activity as it starts, a characteristic hum of a giant waking up from a slumber. Though New York never really sleeps, the mornings speak a different language than the lit nights. Bella recently embraced veganism, and she experiences a new energy that comes from ensuring that your body is no more a graveyard. That also led to her exploring the city with a whole new purpose – discovering new places that serve vegan food and in the process, meeting some brilliant new people.

Sundays are discovery days and she cannot wait to grab her Almira, put on a comfortable skater and hop around the neighborhood. Nodding her head to an eternal WHAM track (she is old school that way), she smiles as her girlfriend texts and approves the Brooklyn trip for what is laid out for this sunny day. A post-brunch coffee at Lincoln Station (Bella prefers espressos), delectable vegan sandwiches at Riverdel followed by the latest chick flick and a quiet evening unwinding at Covenhoven. There could be some magazine shopping, there could be a walk through the grocery section of a supermarket – and Amira definitely lives up to the challenge.

Bella loves her shopper bag, one of her favorites for the mood that Sunday has, a neutral comfortable color with enough space yet suave and neat. Like sunlight and the breeze. Like the smell of new books mingling with the sound of birds. Bella loves her life, the one she has made for herself.

From the Stylist

A cheeky sleeveless skater with a pair of converse is never a bad idea!
Accessorise the outfit with boho jewelry and a vintage headband.