Anne Clutch / Simran’s Stately Gait

Eské - Anne clutch - bag

Eské Anne Clutch

Simran slips into a kaftan she had recently picked up, as her Anne looks on. They were no impulse purchases, neither the kaftan nor the Anne. Simran makes no impulse purchases. She always knows what she wants. There are no shopping sprees that she would indulge in. Her wardrobe is abundant yet measured, with a dress for every occasion, with a bag for every occasion, perfectly paired earrings and that is probably the only jewelry that she may want to carry.

She looks at herself in the mirror, her doe eyes gently surveying how the last few decades have been kind to her – from her eternal curls with a hint of grey to perfectly pedicured toes. She slips a lock of hair behind her ear and smiles at the tassels adorning her ears, the old bling habit is not going away anytime soon. She looks forward to the cocktail party tonight, a monthly ritual bringing together all the girlfriends from college, each one ageing like fine wine. All of them independent women on their own right, doing fabulously well as doctors and architects and artists.

The fond memories bring Simran to her studio, her daily workplace, how things have changed for the better and how she owns a space she could truly call her own – something she had always dreamt of. Simran is comfortable in her skin, a seagull in a steady flight, skimming above the endless sea. Her eyes glowing with a sense of contentment, she picks up her Anne and with her stately gait, carries herself out.

From the Stylist

Ease into a breezy striped Kaftan and jazz it up with this clutch.
Keep the accessory and makeup minimal and go for long tassel earrings to bring in the bling factor.
Complete this outfit with a pair of tan gladiators.