Anne Flap Clutch / Sonya’s Bulletproof Spirit

Eské - Anne Flap Clutch

Eské Anne Flap Clutch

Sonya loves her friends as much as she loves her Anne Flap, which now lies forgotten as she dances through the Saturday night in Barcelona. Her girlfriend is hurting and this is where they had to be for the weekend – getting high and getting low with the beats. Sonya is a free spirit, raw and fun, peering into the display windows late nights when the stores are shut, choosing what to pick up the next day during one of her shopping sprees.

Sonya has always had a weakness for handbags, often matching her dress and shoes for the bag she feels like carrying. It had to be Anne Flap tonight, for it was a night of flying out and forgetting the men who are not worth it. Nothing spells ‘bulletproof’ like Anne Flap’s midnight green. Swiping her cards when she is close to a heartbreak, drowning in cocktails on the house from admiring bartenders, making men go weak at the knees from the word ‘go’, she hardly has to compete for attention.

Dressed in a white bodycon dress and nude pumps, she scorches the dance floor as if there is no tomorrow. Hunger pangs strike hard as the clock strikes 2 AM, as the giggling twosome deem it just right to indulge in cheesy hamburgers the way that streetside bistro makes them – down to the basics and luscious to the core. Messy but delicious food is bit into, as they are slightly tipsy, laughing at the slightest of mad memories.

Onlookers give them amused glances, for they are women having fun without a care in the world. Living their life and loving every bit of it.

From the Stylist

Go for lighter shades and let your Anne Flap clutch do all the talking.
A white bodycon dress paired with nude pumps and a ruby red lipstick is a winning combination for all days.