Izzy Clutch / Natasha’s Night Out

Eské - Izzy Clutch

Eské Izzy Clutch

After the after party, Natasha keeps it going, her Izzy clasped tight, it carries everything that she needs tonight. It’s almost 4 AM but she feels fine. Sipping a whisky sour all night. Some may never understand how she lives, but she lives it up alright.

Looking ravishing in a midnight blue sleeveless jumpsuit, she makes sure no one misses her finely manicured nails and chunky rings, her glittery stilettos with silver spikes. Natasha makes knees go weak with every pout, clicking selfies with the girlfriends, freezing in time how this wild night is turning out to be. Puff goes away the stress of the daylight as she rolls up a joint while the city sleeps.

Natasha lives the high party life, she gets invited to the most exclusive ones, and is the life of the dance floor. And if it gets cold, she has her white leather jacket and a neon soul, always ready to roll.

From the Stylist

Pair your sleek Izzy Clutch with a pair of distressed ankle length skinny jeans and a baggy shirt.
Complete the look with a pair of sky high pumps and chunky jewellery.
A bold lipstick if you’re feeling adventurous.