Imagine a dimly lit venue with comfortable mattresses for seating space. A cold Bombay evening. A soulful voice serenading to a crowd of over 5 people. Sounds rather serendipitous. A perfect storm in the music world, minus the storm. That is how one can describe an evening at The Bandra Base.

With Sanne Rambags’ angelic voice accompanied by the genius of Joost Lijbaart on drums and Bram Stadhouder on guitar, an extraordinary symphony is created which opens the gates to a musical Narnia which you never knew existed. Every song has an element of improvisation which only adds to serenity it brings along after the last note. The song and the songstress herself will paint you a picture of a child running freely in a meadow on a warm summer morning.

the - bandra base - sanne - rambag

Sanne Rambag’s tantalizing voice was the highlight of the night

bram - stadhouder - the - bandra base

Bram Stadhouder on the guitar had the audience captive to his skills throughout the performance


The ambience of the venue further complements to the nature of the gig. Bandra Base aims to create an intimate atmosphere with limited seating, a cozy seating space and dim lights to further ease you into its homeliness. The audience, dressed mostly in comfortable shirts and pair of pants, look ready to soak in every bit of goodness both the venue and the artist have to provide. The evening is almost picture perfect. Like the polaroid you stick on your refrigerator for years to come.