NCPA - jazz festival

The ladies looking chic at the NCPA Jazz Festival

Art at NCPA

Art & Music – a perfect blend

NCPA is like the castle where the royal ball from Cinderella was held, without the evil stepmother and sisters and much much, much better artworks hanging on the walls. Although a jazz festival on a cold Sunday evening at this venue feels right out of a storybook. The palace is party-ready with its glittering ceiling adorned by the most delicate chandelier. The people are here, standing in groups, catching up with each other after a relaxing day at home or a relaxing weekend at their country villa. And the music, good lord the sweet music. Knows just how to spin the ball and get everyone’s foot tapping. Jazz has always been an underrated, but now emerging style of music, but what it does is create stories with every set. The journey is unparalleled to any other you’ve been on. You will laugh, smile at times and reminisce as the tunes remind you of some love lost but found again. And every journey requires you to pack the right kind of attire. So does this one. A quick fairy godmother tip: Bring out the artist dress your wardrobe has. One which you always second guessed before putting on and choose your old reliable dress over it. Put it on with pomp and flair and walk through the steps of NCPA like it’s your own personal runway. Because at a place where people come to appreciate art, we must be dressed like one as well.

Jazz festival - NCPA

The eye-catching chandelier at the NCPA entrance

NCPA-Jazz festival

Anandita breaks all fashion conventions by pairing a colourful skater skirt with the traditional Nehru jacket and completes the look in style with a pair of statement shiny black brogues.

NCPA - Jazz festival

Soigné & Sexy at the Jazz Festival, NCPA