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SINGAPORE – A bridge to another world

Scrumptious nasi lemak, Haji Lane. The majestic lion at Merlions, Marina bay. Singapore is a sensory delight from the moment you step foot in Changi Airport. The futuristic city will have your head spinning for multiple reasons. Think of all the things that bring a smile to your face- good f...
bandra base-sanne rambag-bram stadhouder


Imagine a dimly lit venue with comfortable mattresses for seating space. A cold Bombay evening. A soulful voice serenading to a crowd of over 5 people. Sounds rather serendipitous. A perfect storm in the music world, minus the storm. That is how one can describe an evening at The Bandra Base. Wi...

Hong Kong – Cultural kaleidoscope

The urban elegance - Skyscrapers in Hong Kong Spellbinding view from the Dragon's back, Hong Kong People say a New York minute is a Hong Kong second. The moment you get off the tarmac at the Hong Kong International Airport, you know what they’re talking about. If Hong Kong was a painting, it...
Hongkong-Tai Cheong bakery


What? An old-school bakery in Hong Kong serving what probably is the best egg tart in the world. The egg tarts are served hot right out of the oven Where? Tai Cheong Bakery is present in several locations across Hong Kong, however the most popular one is in Central. But finding this boutique...