Travel Trolley Luggage Bags

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Crusader Trolley Bag
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Odyssey Black Trolley Bag
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Travel Trolley Luggage Bags

Travel and fashion have always seemingly walked hand-in-hand. From chic airport looks, to ‘vacay-OOTDs’, a holiday seems like the perfect opportunity to bring out your style sensibilities and show the world what a fashionista you are. And along with the outfits, there’s another aspect of travel-fashion that’s been getting more and more attention these days - the travel trolley bags! 

We have two lovely options in travel trolley bags for you that can accompany you on every kind of holiday. (PS: We also have travel duffel bags for shorter weekend trips!)

The Crusader Travel Trolley Bag

The Crusader trolley bag is sturdy, strong and so eye-catching, you’d never miss it on the luggage conveyor belt! Available in a brilliant, bright blue, this travel trolley bag is roomy enough for all that you need to carry on holiday (even those extra clothes that you always pack just-in-case!). 

The Odyssey Travel Trolley Bag

Our second option in travel trolley bags is the Odyssey, available in two beautiful colours - black and teal. The textured pattern on it’s hard shell case ensures it keeps your bag safe and protected from dents and damages when piled with other luggage. Spacious and sturdy, this bag is our go-to choice for all international holidays. 

If you’re still wondering if these are the right bags for you, let us share some more details on why these eské travel trolley bags are a wonderful choice. 

1. Hard-case shell for protection

All eské travel trolley bags are hard-cased, so you needn’t worry about your packed items getting damaged or your clothes wrinkling in transit. The hard-case prevents other bags and stowed items from scratching or damaging the outer surface of the bag too. 

2. Adjustable and sturdy handle

We know how inconvenient it can be to have a bag without supportive handles. That’s why these travel trolley bags come with a long adjustable handle at the top and also a small grip handle on the side. 

3. Easy-roll wheels for comfortable maneuvering

No more annoyance at wheels getting stuck as you’re running to catch your flight. These easy-roll wheels are convenient, smooth and ensure you can keep walking at a comfortable pace without any hindrances. 

4. Internal compartments for convenient storage

If you’re someone who packs the smallest things you need with a lot of care and attention, these compartments are perfect for you. With zippered pockets and large separators between the two halves of the bag, you can pack everything you need and more, and not be worried about struggling to find it later. 

5. Safe lock system

Now, no need to worry about someone getting into your bags if you leave them unattended for a minute or two. The safety lock system means you can set the passcode and relax even during travel!