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Men's Money Clips: cherish your cash

Are you tired of your pocket feeling heavy because of a bulky wallet? Are you on the lookout for a better looking wallet to carry  your cash and cards? If yes, we have a life-changing solution for you! It can help you keep your cash safe, but it's not a wallet. Wondering what it is? Introducing men's money clips from eské — leather clips designed to securely hold your folded stack of cash in your pocket. We recommend it for anyone who doesn’t want to carry around a conventional wallet. Read on to find out about some varieties of men's money clips we have. 

Saverio Money Clip

Made of pure and fine leather, this men's money clip is convenient and stylish. Simply take this small clip out of your pocket and you’ll have cash at the ready, in seconds. This extraordinary piece has magnets at the ends of both sides to hold your cash together, so no need to worry about money falling out. Its smooth and stainless brown texture is the most classy you can get. But if you prefer something more peppy, we do have more designs and colours available in this one. Buy this innovative accessory for your minimalistic taste and get a lifetime warranty on it. 

Atticus Money Clip

If you're thinking that a money clip would be too less for you and you absolutely do need a wallet to carry your cards in, you're mistaken! Because we have men's money clips that have space for your credit cards as well. This dark brown, bi-fold money clip is proof of that. The sleek leather clip opens up to reveal 8 card slots, which is plenty for almost everyone!

The impressive part is that the magnet on this one is at the centre of the fold opening, so you can keep your folded cash in the middle, close the clip, and you are done! We assure you, your money would be safe. The classy exterior design of this money clip will definitely turn some heads. 

Baker Money Clip

The third option we have for you is the perfect fusion of the first two. This men's money clip has the look and feel of the wallet-like money clip, the bi-fold opening up to reveal 3 card slots. And at the same time, it has a small separate money clip attached to one side of the fold — the magnet being on the ends of the clips. Enjoy the freedom of having a wallet and a money clip, both in one with this unique design. The grey coloured, white embroidered and textured leather clip is as fancy as it gets. 

Eské men's money clips have some key features you wouldn't find anywhere else. They:

  • Are handcrafted with pure, premium leather. 
  • Are available in multiple types, designs, sizes & colours, so you have plenty of options. 
  • Are RFID protected. 
  • Are sleek, stylish & compact. 
  • Come with a lifetime warranty. 

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