Personalized Leather Travel Duffle Bags

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Customisable Travel Products: Travel In Style

Traveling can be stressful - booking flights, buying everything you need, making the lists of all the things to do. But there’s one thing that many of us feel stressed about the most — packing. What to keep, what not to keep, where to keep it so that you can access it easily — these are some of the many questions hovering in the mind while packing. Let us make it a bit easier for you, so that you not only have travel equipment that fulfills all your packing needs, but also lets you travel in style. Here is a list of our most favoured customisable travel products. 

1. Trolley Bags:

The easiest to carry and the one that looks the classiest — trolley bags are all the buzz nowadays! With enough room to carry your clothes, other essentials, and even your laptop, a trolley bag would be the perfect match for a long trip. 

Odyssey Trolley Bag

Made with the finest hardware, this trolley bag is one of our most popular customisable travel products. Its strong but lightweight material makes it convenient to carry for long vacations. It’s a large size and is created to fit all of one’s essentials. It has separate compartments inside, so you can organise your stuff the way you want. It even has a few extra hidden pockets! For a personal touch, we can customise it in the colour you want and even monogram it with your initials. You want to impress your friends at a bachelorette? Make your entrance with this in-vogue trolley bag. 

2. Duffle Bags:

When you’re on a week-long trip but you’re not the kind of person to carry too much luggage with you, Duffle Bags are the answer. Our best customisable travel products include Duffle Bags because of their durability and high quality. 

Garcon Duffle Bag

A matte black leather duffle bag with classic silver buckles and chains will definitely make a style statement on your trip! If you’re worried about functionality, don’t be. This spacious bag will fit all your clothes and accessories comfortably, and the multiple pockets will only give you more options to separately organise your stuff. It even has a trolley hook panel that helps you move your luggage through the airport hassle-free. And the shoulder straps give you another way to carry it. What’s more, its solid zips and strong material will make sure you don’t have to worry about buying another bag for a long time.

Why choose eské Duffle Bags? 

  • It is made with excellent, eco-conscious leather. 
  • It has many sizes, colours and designs available. 
  • It is a customisable travel product, so you can get your name or initials on the duffle bag. 
  • It is functional as well as stylish! 
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.

3. Travel Sling Bags:

Everyone needs a fine travel sling to keep their documents, make-up and cash/cards easily accessible. Since you cannot carry your suitcase everywhere, you need to have a good carry-on. eské brings you super functional travel sling bags under our best customisable travel products. 

Ethan Sling Bag

With exceptional quality and an elite aesthetic, Ethan Sling Bag is your perfect travel companion. It has compartments for everything including your documents, cash, pens, cards, smartphone etc., so you are set for your entire trip. Its leather strap is adjustable and the bag can be monogrammed with your initials. Its versatile vibe makes it suitable to wear with formals and casuals. Your own stylish, customisable travel product sounds like a delight on a trip, doesn’t it? 

4. Travel Pouches:

Sometimes, even after having a flawless bag for traveling, you need a space to organize some of your extra stuff. For men, that can be their shaving kit; whereas for women, it can be their makeup. Extras like toothbrushes, phone charger etc. can also get lost in a big bag. So, it’s best that you keep a travel pouch for things like these. 

Fiama Travel Pouch

A minimalistic travel pouch, this one has two huge pockets that do it all. Separate your things by categorising them and secure them in both. The strong zips of the leather pouch also come in handy on bumpy trips. This customisable travel product will be a life saver in urgent situations by keeping your important stuff apart from all the clutter. 

Brut Travel Pouch

If you’re looking for a more peppy travel pouch that also takes less space, this might be a better option. With one big compartment and a small pocket, it is very handy for short trips. The best part? We give you a complimentary service of personalising your pouch for you by monogramming your initials on it. 

For work trips and fun-filled vacations, travel gear is one of the most important investments you can make. You can trust eské to blend usability and style into several flawless customisable travel products. Think of your need and one of these bags is bound to complement it perfectly.